This is a one-of-a-kind blog. It’s really a library for free thinkers who are ready to push their comfort zone and learn how to use conversations to grab student attention and never let go.  Browse around.  Look for a book or topic you already teach or find a quote by a great thinker you want to bring to your classroom.  It’s all here. Consider joining our Teach Different Society once you feel ready and we will give you full access to everything we have to help make your teaching unforgettable.  Enjoy!

Sample Conversations

Come here for ideas for unforgettable discussions at home and in the classroom.  Watch how a quote from a great thinker can start young people talking about things that really matter.

Essential Questions

The right question can change someone’s life.  Picking the right kinds of questions that linger in a young person’s mind is not easy but it pays off with engagement and intelligent ideas that you never saw coming.

AP Government

Come here for question prompts and proven strategies and activities that can help students prepare for the exam and take civic responsibility to a new level.

Elementary English/Language Arts

Take a look at our Lessons and strategies for bringing conversations to your favorite primary sources:  Dr Suess, Maniac Mcgee and Chrysanthemum are all here and we are always adding great lessons.

Secondary English/Language Arts

The Great Gatsby, Frankenstein and Walden are all here and so are ideas on how to use in a 2,000 year-old Diogenes conversation to challenge students to come up with their own definition of happiness.

Elementary Social Studies

Want to teach the Space Race with a clever hook?  Trying to make the Gettysburg Address unforgettable?  We have the lessons and conversations you need to bring history alive for students.

Secondary Social Studies

Come here to create connections between Reconstruction, The Progressive Era and The Civil Rights Movement through larger conversations about forgiveness, self-expression and hope.  You will always have a hook to bring historical content to young people’s lived experiences.