The Secret to Mastering Critical Thinking in an AI Era

Let’s chat about something serious (but not too serious): critical thinking in the age of AI. Sure, AI can whip up a fancy graph or write a poem in seconds – but when it comes to real brain gymnastics, it’s still got a lot to learn from good ol’ human conversations.

I found this article that got me thinking (with my human brain, thank you very much). It says that if we want to be critical thinking experts, we need to be intentional about it and talk more with each other.  Why? Because humans can change their mind at the drop of a hat and can be intentional about negating their own opinions.

AI, at least at this point, is more like that one friend who’s super smart but can’t take a joke. AI works great for sparking ideas and giving us info-overload, but it’s not going to challenge us to a witty debate or throw a curveball question our way. Those deep, sometimes wacky conversations where you start believing one thing and end up on the other side of the universe – that’s human territory.

So, here’s to more coffee chats, dinner table debates, and late-night philosophizing – the kind of stuff that keeps our brains sharp and our robots wondering what the heck we’re thinking about.

So instead of lamenting that robots are taking over our classrooms,  Check out our podcast devoted entirely to the art and science of conversations and listen to what true critical thinking sounds like.

Picture by Dall-e

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