If You’re Trying to Figure Out When Robots Will Replace Teachers, You Came to the Right Place

Here’s a piece in the New York Times about the latest AI development in schools. Looks like Chatbots might soon be teaching our kids! Sounds like sci-fi, but it’s happening.

In addition to a potential worry that these chatbots might actually be free and create a relic of the paid teaching profession, teachers are asking things like “Will my students get biased and even wrong information? Will they stop thinking for themselves?”  Fair questions, although we should probably all acknowledge that these problems are also problems with some human teachers as well.

Here’s my take:  Instead of “either/or” let’s try “both/and”. Let’s use these chatbots for the remediation and personalization and get teachers to start becoming masters of the art and science of classroom conversation.

This way, students get the best of both worlds – high-tech learning with a personal touch. They’ll learn how to talk, listen, and socialize the old-school way, something a chatbot can’t teach them.

So before anyone reacts to negatively to the advances of AI, remember that we were talking about robots teaching our kids 40 years ago.  Deep breath.  It hasn’t happened yet and it probably won’t.

It’s all about making learning smarter and more fun with a bit of tech magic while we take care of the human touch.

Teach Different is here to help with the transition. Our Teach Different Podcast models a conversation technique that can be learned in minutes and perfected with a little bit of dedication and curiosity.   Come join us.

Picture by Dall-E.

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