The Vision of Teach Different

A world where everyone has the courage to speak, listen and understand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire everyone to ask big questions and participate in great conversations every day.

Social Emotional Learning

We create culturally responsive, caring learning environments that inspire story telling and personal expression.

Critical Thinking

We challenge everyone to play devil’s advocate with their own beliefs, so that they expand their mindset and appreciate different viewpoints.

Big Questions

We challenge young people and adults to ask and answer life-changing questions.

Teach Different With Conversations

You’re one conversation away from changing someone’s life.  We will teach you our 3-Step Conversation Method and help you strategize how you are going to use conversations to create ‘hooks’ for the content you are trying to teach.  This course is ideal for free-thinking teachers who already take a thematic approach to their lessons.  It is also useful for home-school parents  and anyone trying to make schoolwork more fun and engaging.

Teach Different Founders

Dr. Steve Fouts | CEO

I think the only thing that has meaning in life is how you treat other people. It’s your passport to immortality – because whatever you give out will be passed on.

I’ve taught most of my career on the west side of Chicago and believe that America’s next great generation of leaders will come from its urban communities.

I believe that America’s polarized state is temporary – and prophesied in Plato’s Republic — and that philosophical and charismatic leaders will emerge to bring about justice in our society.

I see social emotional learning skills and critical thinking as the most important gifts that we can pass on to students. I value deep, meaningful conversations that give everyone a chance to listen, speak and understand.

I want to work with teachers, school leaders, business leaders and philanthropists to promote life-changing conversations and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

Dan Fouts | Instructor

Dan is a practicing high school social studies teacher from the Chicagoland area with 30 years of experience. In this role he has led curriculum teams, served as departmental instructional coach and spearheaded the creation of a philosophy elective which he has taught for 10 years.  Critical thinking, love of questioning and conversation are what Dan values most in education.

His passion is to teach how to use this conversation protocol in conjunction with essential questions to give young people and adults alike the courage to speak, listen and understand.  

As part of his work with Teach Different, Dan has presented extensively at a state and national level on inquiry-based instruction techniques including a recent webinar series offered by the National Council for the Social Studies.