Our Story

We teach different because our students deserve to have a voice in the classroom and the opportunity to take control of their own destinies.

“To be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner. I am not a teacher, only a fellow student.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Founding Values & Methodology

We subscribe to the Socratic ideal that learning is a way of life, not an achievement. The goal of all our teaching methods is the same — create great conversations. We call it “humanizing” the classroom because it requires trust and empathy in order to work and it nurtures a learning environment where everyone has a voice.

Socio-Emotional Learning

We introduce you to the philosophies of great leaders and thinkers because they share profound ideas in a simple way. We show you how philosophy can be used as a catalyst to getting students emotionally invested in ideas and how it can foster an environment where students can share life experiences to justify their opinions.

Critical Thinking

We challenge you to voice your own opinion and play devil’s advocate, so that you can be ready for that student who will disagree with everything. We want you to think critically about the most profound ideas from different perspectives, so you can manage student disagreements and build consensus.

Inquiry-Based Teaching

We help you create essential questions about what you’re teaching, so that you can leverage student interest and orient your lessons and units into larger themes that keep your students engaged. We show you how to design essential questions to orchestrate memorable conversations in your classes.

Meet The Team

Twin brothers with an undying passion for creating memorable conversations in classrooms across the globe.

Steve Headshot 2

Dr. Steve Fouts

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Dan Fouts