Our Story

We teach different because our students deserve to have a voice in the classroom and the opportunity to take control of their own destinies.

“To be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner. I am not a teacher, only a fellow student.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Our Mission and Vision

We subscribe to the Socratic ideal that education is a way of life, not an achievement. Our mission is to inspire students and teachers to ask big questions and participate in great conversations every day. Our vision is to be recognized as the company that created classrooms where everyone’s voice was heard.

Social Emotional Learning

We model a 3-Step teaching technique that builds essential questions and creates unforgettable classroom conversations.

Critical Thinking

We challenge students and teachers to play devil’s advocate with their own beliefs, so that they are prepared to appreciate diverse viewpoints.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

We promote emotional investment in learning by encouraging students and teachers to connect their lived experiences with the curriculum.

Meet The Team

Meet the founders of Teach Different -- twin brothers motivated to bring philosophy to K-12 education.


Dr. Steve Fouts

Dan Headshot 1

Dan Fouts