Learn a super simple 3-Step Method for unforgettable conversations that gives students the courage to speak, listen and understand.



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Get access to lessons, social emotional learning curriculum and 50+ pre-packaged multi-media kits ready to use to get great conversations going with young people (with new content added every week).

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Learn our 3-Step Conversation Method and challenge young people to think-out-of-the-box.  Our courses are ideal for free-thinking teachers who already take a thematic approach to their lessons as well as parents and homeschoolers who want to deepen their relationship with their child through conversations.  Each course taker receives a one-year membership to the Teach Different Society.

Using This Method Makes Content Meaningful

“Not only have the Fouts Brothers taken concept-based curriculum and digested it for you into a simple method, but they are giving you a means to reach all students, from the English learner and special education student to the highest achieving pupil in your class… Using this method will make content meaningful and accessible for all your students.”


John C., Middle School Language Reading Specialist

The Swiss Army Knife Of Lesson Planning

“I find this method really solves many issues for our teachers in having to encourage discussion, bring in social and emotional learning, as well as students’ native culture AND tie it to the curriculum.  It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for lesson planning.”


Karen B., Social Studies & Science Facilitator

The Teacher Different Method Is Perfect For:


For Teachers

Become the teacher your students will always remember.


For Parents

Teach your child how to think, while making memories with them.


Homeschool Families

Reinvent your home classroom with engaging content and conversation.

School Leaders

School Leaders

Promote social emotional learning at school and in homes.