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This is a cartoon we use to describe the 3-step process technique we teach in our course. We hope you like it! Send us your first and last name through our contact page or send us an email at if you want some more information about the process.

Meet Our Instructors

Twin brothers with an undying passion for philosophy and teaching.

Dr. Steve Fouts

Dr. Steve Fouts is a social entrepreneur and educator from Chicago with over twenty years of experience teaching a wide range of classes in the mathematics and humanities-related fields  on the high school and undergraduate level. Dr. Fouts graduated from University of Chicago’s Masters of Liberal Arts program in 1998 and received his doctorate in education from Benedictine University in 2010.  Dr. Fouts has published numerous op-ed pieces focused on social justice in education and is active in Educators for Excellence, a policy advocacy organization representing teachers in multiple U.S. Cities.

Dan Fouts

Since 1993, Dan has taught AP government, philosophy and US history in the Chicagoland area. He attained an undergraduate degree in political science and philosophy from Bradley University, as well as a M.S. in education and social policy from Northwestern University. Dan has served as a member of the committee on pre-collegiate instruction in philosophy through the American Philosophical Association from 2012-2016. Additionally, he has presented at several National Council for the Social Studies national conferences and has instructed online courses since 2004 through Aurora, Quincy and Adams State University. His passion is teaching teachers how to create and use essential questions in their classrooms. Dan also manages a SocratesQuestions blog which showcases lessons and strategies aligned to inquiry-based instruction.

Our Course Simplified

You will learn and apply a 3-step process to build essential questions and create memorable conversations in your classes. Bring your imagination and an open mind!

Find A Philosophy Quote

Find a quote that blows your mind and put it in your own words.

Prepare Counterclaims

Play devil's advocate and prepare arguments against that quote.

Tie The Quote With A Question

Create an essential question that connects the dots for the students.

Start creating memorable conversations today!

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