Take Your School to New Heights

Ask Yourself If:

Why It Matters:

When amazing conversations are happening in classrooms, a foundation of social emotional support is created that fuels student engagement, language acquisition and academic learning.

Conversations Transform School Culture
and Raise Student Achievement

What We Do

We bring together educators from around the world to master the science and art of conversations using quotes, claims, counterclaims and essential questions so that we can build human relationships, fight polarization, and experience the joy of being a difference maker in someone else’s life.

What We Offer

We offer individual memberships and group licenses to an online professional learning community.

Next Steps

A teacher will take you through our professional learning community.

Explore the Community

Play the role of a teacher and review the resources in the community.

Partner with Us

Purchase individual memberships for interested faculty or a group license for everyone in your community.

Teach Different Group License

What you get...

We reserve a private group for you inside the larger Teach Different community as part of your group license and provide on-going mentoring and support for up to three hosts you select to support your teachers. Everyone from your school or organization always has private access to your group and exposure to a world-wide community of educators.

What your teachers get...

Conversation Plans (new one added every month)

Access a growing and constantly updated storehouse of conversation plans for your classroom. These flexible plans make it easy for you to facilitate endless variations of any conversation. The plans include quotations from great thinkers to kick off the engagement, essential questions for students to address, claims and counterclaims for them to examine, and more.

Social Emotional Learning Resources

Teach Different’s social emotional learning topic map gives you the bird’s eye view of your students’ skills and progress into learning how to think, how to discuss together, how to engage, how to criticize productively, and how to find solutions and opportunities.

Classroom Ideas

As you begin to master conversations, the next step is to think strategically about which conversations work best for each classroom situation. We have you covered, at every level: elementary, junior high, and high school levels.

Tools for Collaboration

Respond to polls, prompts, posts, and questions and add your voice to conversations in a space that’s all our own. Direct message and create your own groups. You can also post and have threaded conversations. Group Chat. Quick, casual chats unlock a new type of connection that keeps people checking in.

An App and Personalized Roadmap for Success

Access the Teach Different community from your desktop or an Apple or Android app. Follow topics to organize your activity, search to find what you’re looking for, and save posts to quickly come back to your favorites.

Weekly Live Workshops, Podcasts and Events

Come to weigh in on live community conversations, learn the subtleties and latest tricks to spark and manage great conversations and listen to Teach Different founders and other members model the Method so you can shorten your learning curve and immediately have a greater impact in your classroom.