AI in Education: A Game Changer or a Double-Edged Sword?

Here is another article devoted to the great potential of AI and some of its drawbacks. The focus here is on assessments, which include things like stealth assessments (sounds scary) and intelligent tutoring systems (were our previous tutoring systems ignorant?). These advancements are being seamlessly integrated into educational frameworks, making the assessment process more approachable and beneficial for students.

Central to this evolution is the role of machine learning-based AI, which leverages extensive datasets to uncover unique insights into student learning behaviors and outcomes. It’s important to note that these systems, although helpful, are inherently limited to the extent that they have to draw data from data sets already in existence.  To the extent that human beings are always changing and, more importantly, have untold stories and hidden truths about them, AI is still pretty ignorant.

Despite the promise of AI in reshaping education, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges that accompany its adoption. Issues such as potential biases, privacy concerns, and the indispensable human element in teaching are key considerations.  The objective should be to utilize AI as a tool for enhancing the overall learning experience, focusing not only on academic tasks like essay grading but also on enriching human interactions and group dynamics within educational settings.

Dialogue and classroom conversations is an educational focus area ripe with massive potential as a new assessment framework for AI to be applied to.  Teachers, hesitant to adopt AI for written assessments, should use it to help track student participation, for instance, during a discussion about a deep, thought provoking quote.  This way, teachers can stay focused on the authentic engagement in the room and AI can work behind the scenes to tell the data story.  Now there’s a team.

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Picture by Dall-E.

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