Happy or scared? Social-Emotional Learning and AI are on a collision course in K-12 Education.

Looks like someday soon, we might have robots for friends with whom to speak and even share our greatest fears with.

Count me in as someone who loves technology but isn’t thrilled about this idea.

Don’t we already have enough people to talk to? Granted some of us are way too isolated, human relationships are messy and we don’t always find common ground.

But isn’t it also true that social emotional learning skill development has to do with messy things – like being civil with someone with whom you disagree and being able to empathize with the moral nuances of every good story that someone shares?

The most impactful potential of AI lies in fostering human face-to-face conversations and providing educators with tools to assess the effects of these interactions on students’ academic, social and mental health.

Let’s start by using AI to help us become better conversation artists, communicators and thought partners before we find replacements.

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