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40-Weeks Of Conversations

It’s easy to have unforgettable conversations when you have access to our turnkey curriculum. You’ll have 40 weeks of material to deepen your relationship with your child.

On-Demand Conversations

A storehouse of pre-made conversations with quotes from the world’s great thinkers to engage your child in a whole new way…

Grab-and-Go Lessons

Love great books and big ideas? With our grab-and-go lessons, you’ll get a constant flow of teaching ideas to try out…

Conversation Training

A complete training toolkit to embark on a new journey with your child…

Assignments and Videos

If you want to promote learning at home, you’ll have access to videos, assignments, activities, and more…

Weekly Tutorials

So you can practice a 3-Step technique for making your own unforgettable conversations with your child…

NEW! Teach Different’s 40 Week Curriculum Map

When you join the Teach Different Society, you’ll have unlimited  access to our complete, 40-week social emotional learning curriculum. 


Not sure how Teach Different works? Learn the tried-and-true 3-step method in less than 10 minutes.
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Our 3-Step Method Sparks Unforgettable Conversations

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