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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein – Success


Should we strive for success? We often think of success in life as being tied up with the external rewards we get like money, fame or power. Life is viewed as a race to achieve these rewards. But, maybe we are running the wrong race. Maybe we should pursue more internal reward ..
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela – Education


What is needed to change the world? Most agree that you can't change much in the world if you don't have the knowledge of what needs to be changed. With education comes understanding, perspective and a keen awareness of how to bring change into reality. Education is a powerful ..
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“The greatest remedy for anger is delay.” Seneca – Anger Management


How should we act when we are angry? Anger is one of those emotions that we say is inherently dangerous and unpredictable. When we're angry, we are told to walk away or breathe to allow the intense feelings to pass. Yet, sometimes getting angry is actually a wise strategy, esp ..
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“I knew that if I waited for permission, I’d never receive my turn.” Shirley Chisholm – Self-Advocacy


How do you know when you should stand up for yourself? Children are taught from a young age that when they want something they should wait their turn until they are granted permission. Waiting cultivates patience. It shows good manners. This attitude works in some settings but ..
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“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” Plato – Power


Does power reveal our true character? Being a good person is hard enough. It's even harder when we occupy positions of authority. Authority gives us leeway to deal with others in whatever way we want, and carry through with punishments of our design. How we execute our power r ..
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“We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” Seneca – Happiness


Can our imagination make us happy? Happiness is something that everyone wants. Sometimes, though, our imaginations create anxiety and actually prevent us from experiencing happiness. We make things worse than they actually are because of what we create in our minds. Yet, at ot ..
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“The greatest teacher failure is.” Yoda – Growth Mindset


Do you need to fail to learn? From a young age we are taught the value of learning from our mistakes. The logic goes something like this, when we make mistakes we see opportunities for improvement and learning. Failure makes us wise. Yet, we also learn through our successes. I ..
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“Wisely and slowly, they stumble that run fast.” William Shakespeare – Decision Making


How do we know when the cautious approach is the right one? Students sometimes rush into decision-making without forethought. They do it on term papers, class projects, and even in their relationships. This approach often causes more heartache and work in the long run. There i ..
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“The greatest effort is not concerned with the results.” Buddhist Master Atisha – Goal Setting


How do you know when hard work is worth it? Students are always being told to do their best and that there is intrinsic value to putting in a hard day of work, regardless of whether they achieve what they set out to do. Students are also expected to achieve results from their ..
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“With self-discipline, anything is possible.” Teddy Roosevelt – Self-discipline


How do we know when self-discipline is in our best interest? Self-discipline is hard for students. It requires that they shut out distractions, develop routines and exercise impulse control. Authority figures tell students that self-discipline is worth it, that at the end of t ..
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“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill – Success


Is failure necessary for success? Student success is often determined by achievements, like getting a job, acing a test, or winning a competition. Failure is seen as the opposite of success, and something to avoid at all costs. What if failure is necessary for success? Is it p ..
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“Anger never helps solve a problem.” Dalai Lama – Anger


Should you ever use anger to solve problems? Students must learn how to solve all kinds of problems. Some problems are academic; others are emotional. Perhaps the hardest problems involve communication and the navigation of complex human relationships. What makes these types o ..
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