Follow A Formula For UNFORGETTABLE Conversations With Your Child

  • Build a routine to have great conversations on meaningful topics with your kids
  • Inspire your kid’s curiosity through big questions
  • Provide an outlet for critical thinking and self-expression
  • Bring new depth to your relationship with your child through important conversations
  • Create countless memorable moments as you watch your child learn to think in new ways
In less than 10 minutes, this FREE Instructional Video will help you understand and implement a proven 3-Step Method which encourages children to look at the world in a new light.

In less than 10 Minutes:

  • Learn how to use a 3-Step conversation method that works for any age or subject matter
  • Understand the purpose behind each step so you can easily implement yourself
  • See examples of how the 3-Step conversation method works

What people are saying about Teach Different:


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“You are responsible for your own success.” – 9th grade student

Harriet Tubman

“Every dream begins with a dreamer.” – Harriet Tubman

“We have to make up our own dreams.” – 2nd grade student

“Somethings are impossible.” – 2nd grade student


“The person with dreams is more powerful than the one with the facts.” – Albert Einstein

“Dreamers look for new ideas and learning opportunities. Scientists think they know everything.” – 8th grade student

“I don’t want my doctor to be a dreamer.  I want her to have the facts.” – 8th grade student


“Your silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde

“Nothing is going to get better or get done until we take action.” – 6th grade student

“Sometimes it’s good to be silent and let others talk.” – 6th grade student


“Happiness depends on ourselves.” – Aristotle

“I think he means that you can turn your unhappiness around by having something to strive for.” – 10th grade student

“I think you need other people to be happy.” – 10th grade student


Chris Walsh – Roscoe, Illinois – Middle School Teacher

“The art of dialogue and conversation needs saving!”


James Plaza – Grayslake, Illinois – High School Sociology Teacher

“I got a call from a parent complementing the types of questions that we are having their kids think about and the discussions that they are creating at home.”