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What is in a Conversation Kit?

Get Full Access To The Course Curriculum
Get Full Access To The Curriculum

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Curriculum Map

Our social emotional learning curriculum that gives you all the tools you need to spark unforgettable conversations in your classroom.

Conversation Kits

Access a growing storehouse of Conversation Kits with quotes from the world’s great thinkers.

Grab-and-Go Lessons

Want to supplement your daily conversations with lessons? We have a library of related lessons you can leverage, all ready for your use.

Assignments and Videos

Enjoy a dynamic supply of content, including pre-packaged student assignments related to your conversations and videos to enjoy in class.

Weekly Bonuses

Get the most out of your curriculum map with our new Conversation Kits every week, so you can practice a 3-step method and make thematic teaching part of your routine.

Conversation Training

Looking for additional training to support amazing conversations? We can supply you with additional training on our method, and how to facilitate incredible conversations.

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Once you have some experience with the  3-Step Method and have tried out some conversations, take learning to the next level and enroll in Teach Different with Essential Questions.  In the course, you’ll learn how to use conversations to make your academic content more engaging and fun for students.

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Our 3-Step Method Sparks Unforgettable Conversations

How It Works

Why It Matters


Chris Walsh – Roscoe, Illinois – Middle School Teacher

“The art of dialogue and conversation needs saving!”


James Plaza – Grayslake, Illinois – High School Sociology Teacher

“I got a call from a parent complementing the types of questions that we are having their kids think about and the discussions that they are creating at home.”


Karen B. – Alaska – Social Studies and Science Facilitator

“I find this method really solves many issues for our teachers in having to encourage discussion, bring in social and emotional learning, as well as students’ native culture AND tie it to the curriculum.  It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for lesson planning.”

Jason Jansczak – Grayslake, Il – Social Studies Department Chair, District 127

“The student videos are great springboards to an end-of-discussion writing assignment centered around an essential question.”


Paraskevi Stamatouko – DuPage County, Illinois – EL Coordinator CUSD200

“I love the organic opportunities to connect students to the curriculum by discussing major life themes and connecting them to their lived experiences.  Such a great method for buy in!”