Teach Different offers courses and packaged lesson plans so you can

Become The Teacher Your Students Will Remember

Have unforgettable conversations with students using a tried-and-true 3-step method. Embrace this method through one of two packages.

Take The Online Course For Educators

Take an online course that teaches you how to build your own custom curriculum out of our 3-step conversation method. Choose from two courses:

Essential Question – $197.00

Essential Questions (Graduate Credit) – $497.00

Get The Lesson Plans Package

Get pre-packaged lesson plans with conversation kits that allow you to incorporate a turnkey curriculum into your existing lesson plans.

Now just $4.95/month

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What Is Teach Different?

Teach Different helps educators have unforgettable conversations with students. You can learn to leverage this easy-to-use 3-step method in one of two ways:

Take The Online Course For Educators

  Learn the 3-step conversation method

  Useful for educators teaching any grade level/subject matter

  Learn how to design custom conversations

  Enjoy all of the benefits of our Lesson Plans package

  Completely online/remote learning with no textbooks

  Taught by free-thinking veteran educators

“Teach Different With Conversations” E-Course – $197.00

“Teach Different With Conversations” Graduate E-Course – $497.00

Using This Method Makes Content Meaningful


“Not only have the Fouts Brothers taken concept-based curriculum and digested it for you into a simple method, but they are giving you a means to reach all students, from the English learner and special education student to the highest achieving pupil in your class… Using this method will make content meaningful and accessible for all your students.”


John C., Middle School Language Reading Specialist

Lesson Plan Packages


  40+ Conversations Kits

  A quick and easy 3-step conversation method

  40 conversation guides and  student assignments

  Access to 4 bonus Conversations Kits per month

  A growing library of bonus lessons

  Make unforgettable conversations part of your day

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The Swiss Army Knife Of Lesson Planning


“I find this method really solves many issues for our teachers in having to encourage discussion, bring in social and emotional learning, as well as students’ native culture AND tie it to the curriculum.  It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for lesson planning.”


Karen B., Social Studies & Science Facilitator


For Teachers

Become the teacher your students will always remember.


For Parents

Teach your child how to think, while making memories with them.

Homeschool Families

Homeschool Families

Reinvent your home classroom with engaging content and conversation.

School Leaders

School Leaders

Promote social emotional learning at school and in homes.