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The people in your organization are your most valuable assets. Support their productivity, performance, and increase profitability with Teach Different Lunch and Learns.

We will engage your employees in authentic dialogue about the biggest issues in your organization cares about in a safe, welcoming and intellectually stimulating format.  Our dialogues work in online, in-person or hybrid workplace setups.

5 Benefits To Workplace Communication

Your Communication Solution

Strengthen engagement, build trust, and ignite productive communication with the Teach Different 3-step conversation method. It starts with a dynamic discussion sparked by an impactful quote, then the group translates these ideas into real-world applications. Participants actively contribute, fostering meaningful connections. 

Methodology and Impact

Rooted in neuroscience, the Teach Different™ Method provides a blueprint for crafting discussions that foster safety, open communication and deep connections.  Born as a classroom discussion technique for K-12  teachers and school administrators, the method is now used facilitate conversations with adult learners and industry professionals to increase productivity and drive growth in corporations.

Customization for Your Organization

No two cultures are alike and not all quotes generate desired effects in conversations. Our expert team will engage with your decision-makers to understand your challenges, aspirations, and goals.  Together, we will select powerful quotes that challenge your team to confront difficult realities and foster a culture of shared learning through transformative conversations.

Empowerment and Application

Our training enables your employees and managers to weave meaningful conversations into their daily interactions seamlessly.

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Let’s embark on a journey of transformation, collaboration, and growth to inspire communication that motivates. Partner with us today.